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Bamboo Rounded Lattice Coffin

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Only 1 L 6'4" x W 24" x D 13" left in stock - order soon.
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A popular alternative to Willow, our handmade Bamboo Wicker Coffins are manufactured in a 'World Trade Fair Organisation' accredited workshop. Each coffin is a 100% biodegradable and produced with no nails, screws or glue. Our Bamboo coffins are extremely strong and weight tested up to 23 stone / 146kg.

  • The Willow 'Risk-Free' Promise - 100% Satisfaction or your money back
  • Free Delivery and Returns
  • FREE Blank bio-degradable nameplate
  • 2 types of natural cotton liner
  • Inc. wooden base suitable for burial or cremation
  • Shipped to you or your Funeral Director in 2-3 days
  • Recommended by:
    The Natural Death Centre

Want to learn more about bamboo coffins? Read our article 'Why Choose a Wicker Coffin? The complete guide'. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Can your coffins be used for cremations, burials or woodland burials?

Our coffins have been certified and tested for strength, roller bearing bed usage, auto charging and radiant heat. Most importantly, each coffin conforms to the highest standards required by funeral homes, crematoriums and woodland burial sites.



Does the coffin come fully assembled with a headrest, liner and charger board?

All coffins are fully assembled and supplied with a bio-degradable liner and headrest. Our coffins have either a plywood, solid wood charger board  (usually 20mm thick) or in the case of our cardboard coffins a high-density cardboard base.


Can my Funeral Director refuse a coffin? No.
We've never encountered a Funeral Director that has refused a coffin from Willow. If you've been told you cannot purchase from a 3rd party please let us know at and we'll raise the issue with the Funeral Director.


Will you call my Funeral Director?

Your representative will call your Funeral Director to confirm any details and check their availability to receive your delivery. If any changes to your order are required, your representative will call you to confirm before the order is processed.


How do I choose the right size?
We recommend that you allow for some room when purchasing coffin with a margin of at least 3-4 inches greater than the persons height.


Do I need a engraved namplate?

Yes if the coffin is being cremated.
If your buying a coffin for a cremation purposes your crematorium will require a engraved nameplate. Most customers choose to write details or shortmessages on the nameplate i.e Patrick Joe Smith, 1942 - 2020, Rest In Peace.

Buy a nameplate here 


Can I use Willow to custom engrave my nameplate?

Our engravings are laser etched onto a bio-degradable bamboo nameplate.

You will be asked if you would like to engrave your nameplate after clicking the 'Add to cart' button at the top of this page.

Buy a nameplate

Engraved nameplate example below.


Are blank nameplates supplied with coffins?

Our coffins are supplied with a free 100% bio-degradable nameplate. Each nameplate is supplied blank, allowing for a written or engraved message. supplied with every coffin order (simply use a pen or marker). Your Funeral Director can also write on the nameplate on your behalf. 


Making an order

Our customer-focused order process helps to make sure your purchase is completed as smoothly and hassle-free as possible. After you've ordered from Willow we'll take 3 simple steps:

1. If your order is being shipped to Funeral Directors, we'll give them a call to confirm: 
  • The coffin you have purchased is suitable for the deceased person 
    Often a persons height and width can vary after death, so we'll double check to make sure your order is appropriate.

  • The shipping address is correct
    Sometimes a deceased person is moved to a mortuary in a different location to your Funeral Director address. We'll call to make sure we're shipping your order to the right place to avoid any last minute confusion.

  • Your Funeral Director is aware of our delivery.
    To avoid an unnecessary missed delivery, we'll confirm your Funeral Director is available for the expected delivery date.

2. We'll confirm a delivery date with you

We'll send you an email to let you know when your purchase will be arriving. We normally delivery within 2-3 but will confirm an exact delivery date after your order has been processed.

3. Once you're coffin arrives
Once your coffin arrives please check to make sure the order is as expected within 24hrs, allowing good time for any possible adjustments. 

4. We'll contact you to make sure everything is as you expected

After your order has been delivered, we'll give you a courtesy email to make sure you're happy with the service and to gather any feedback. We'll do our best to make sure you are more than satisfied with your order.

Delivery & Returns


Can you ship my order directly to my Funeral Director?

Yes. Please enter the following information for the “Shipping Address” at checkout: 
  • Company name: name of Funeral Directors
  • Address: address of Funeral Directors  (or location where coffin will be delivered)
  • Phone number: phone number of your Funeral Directors.

Do you deliver to home addresses?

Yes. If you wish for your coffin to be delivered to your home address supply the appropriate details in the “Shipping Address” at checkout.

How long does it take to deliver a home coffin?

Coffins are delivered in 2-3 working days. If you have an emergency we maybe able to deliver faster, please contact our support team on 0800 368 7443 or email us at:


Willow has a 100% satisfaction or your money back policy.

You have the right to cancel your purchase within 28 days of the transaction. Please ensure:

  • The goods are returned intact (not open and not unpacked) and that the coffin is wrapped in its original packaging to protect it in transit.

  • All original delivery labels are removed.

  • Due to health and safety laws we cannot accept any coffin that has contained a dead person.


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