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The Basics

Finding a Funeral Director

Do I Have to Buy a Coffin From a Funeral Director?

Can you help me Find a Funeral Director?

Our Products

Are your wicker coffins suitable for cremation?

Are your cardboard coffins suitable for cremation?

Are your cardboard coffins flat packed?

Are nameplates supplied with coffins?

My Funeral Director has informed me that my nameplate must be engraved, is this true?

Can you engrave my nameplate?

Are your coffins suitable for an embalmed person?

If you need proof of our coffins accreditation


How long does it take to deliver a coffin?

Do you deliver to Funeral Directors?

Do you deliver to home addresses?

What's the cost of delivery?

Can you deliver a coffin the next working day?

Can you deliver a coffin on a Saturday?

If your Funeral Director has separate address for deliveries

Making An Order

What happens when I make an order?

Do I need to contact my Funeral Director to let them know I’ve ordered from Willow?

Returns & Refunds

Returns Policy

Refund Policy

About Willow

Changing the funeral industry for the better

Why did you start Willow?

Were you really in the Guardian?

Where are you based?