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Why Choose a Wicker Coffin? Read our free guide before spending any money

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Natural burials provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly choice for people seeking an alternative to traditional funeral practices. Using materials and processes that have a lower impact on the environment, natural burials help protect our landscape, while allowing bodies to return to the earth without the use of toxic chemicals and containers.

Wicker coffins are a beautiful, eco-friendly alternative to wooden or metal coffins and an ideal choice for natural burials. They are made from natural materials, allow for either burial or cremation, and are surprisingly affordable. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about wicker coffins, including their cost, how they are made, the benefits of wicker coffins, and ways they can be personalised

Bamboo coffin from

Bamboo Eco Coffin - Available from

The History of Wicker Coffins

The word “coffin” comes from the Old French cofin and the Latin cophinus, which translates into “basket.” Historically, coffins have been made from a wide variety of materials- wooden boxes, iron, steel, wool, gold, plants and fibres. Wicker coffins were likely among the first burial containers used by people.

In more contemporary times, an English surgeon named Sir Frances Haden is credited for bringing wicker coffins back as a modern option in the late 19th century. They were widely used during the American Civil War and Victorian Era, as wicker was cheaper and lighter than other popular options at the time.

How much does a wicker coffin cost?

Wicker coffins vary in price and generally range between £400-£900. Much of this variability is determined by the materials used and the level of personalisation. The term “wicker” describes a weaving technique, and wicker items can be made using a variety of natural materials. Willow is the most popular material used in wicker coffins, but you may also find coffins made from:

Padanus Coffin available from

When purchasing a wicker coffin, check to make sure it includes a few important elements, or if these are available at an additional cost:

  • A liner, typically made of cotton

  • A nameplate

  • An appropriate size (wicker coffins come in a wide range of lengths and widths)

  • Delivery to the funeral home or other destination

Here is our handy guide to wicker coffin price ranges:

  1. The cheapest wicker coffin you can buy is a Peel Willow Coffin on Amazon for £150. Note that the description of this item includes the statement, “This product is discounted significantly because it is a discontinued design and some parts of the coffin are grade B quality.” Note: We have no affiliation with Peel, Amazon or other merchants on the platform.

  2. The Coffin Company also sells deeply discounted wicker coffins that are currently on sale for as low as £199.

  3. At, you will find the highest quality wicker coffins at very affordable prices. Our most popular wicker coffin is our Willow Wicker Eco Coffin, which starts at just £464.99. This 100% bio-degradable purchase includes free delivery, a bio-degradable nameplate and natural cotton liner at no additional charge, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  4.’s Bamboo Wicker Coffins start at  £354.99, and our premium English Willow Coffin starts at £664.99. All of our coffins are certified by the Coffin, Casket and Shroud Association for quality and strength and are suitable for burial or cremation.

How are wicker coffins made?

Wicker caskets and coffins are woven with expert basket making techniques. Willow coffins are made from the cuttings of living willow trees, which continue to live after cuttings and can be harvested for up to 60 years. Cuttings are boiled, dried, and stripped of their bark in preparation for weaving. They are then soaked in final preparation for weaving.  

The base of a coffin is typically made first, with the sides being woven from bottom to top. Personalised touches are often added, including special handles, coloured bands, flowers, fabrics, or almost any other special request.

Personalising your Wicker coffin

Wicker is a great choice for those looking for a more personal, customised option. A growing number of people are opting to reflect the deceased’s identity in their choice of coffin and in how they personalise their wicker coffin.

Wicker coffins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Traditional coffins that where only available in square angular form can now be purchased with smooth curved shapes a far cry from the limited stock Funeral Directors offered only a few years ago. Popular amongst buyers, Pod-shaped coffins have a sculpted, curved lid and tapered bottom. There are also more options in the coffin colour, ranging from light to green to rainbow coloured wicker coffins. What to learn more about colourful coffins read our ‘Buyer Guide’ here.

Handmade Willow Pod coffin - Available at

Handmade Willow Pod coffin - Available at

Wicker coffins often come with rings or other designated places to attach flowers, ribbons, or special personal items. Wicker lends itself easily to personalisation, as greenery, flowers, or other items can also be attached through the weave of the coffin. Many people select an arrangement of flowers or greenery for the top of the coffin. Garland and bows are often attached to the sides, encasing the coffin in a beautiful, environmentally-friendly arrangement.


Wicker Coffin Factsheet

1. Do I have to buy a wicker coffin from a Funeral Director?
No. You can purchase the coffin online at Willow and have it sent to a Funeral Director or a home.

2. Can a wicker coffin be cremated?

3. Can a wicker coffin be buried?

4. Can a wicker coffin be carried?
Yes, but make sure the coffin has functional load-bearing handles.

5. Can I write on and attach items to a picture coffin?
Yes, wicker coffins can be painted, have notes and last words written on them or pictures with your memories attached. However weighty items may damage the structure of the coffin.

6. How much do Wicker Coffins cost?
Typically, between £400 – £900

7. Where can I buy a Wicker Coffin?

8. Are Wicker Coffins the cheapest kind of coffin to buy?

No. Cardboard coffins are typically the lowest budget option. Please see our ‘Cardboard coffins guide’ here.

9. Are Wicker Coffins good for the environment?

Yes. Wicker Coffins are an affordable, sustainable and customisable way to take care of a loved one while honouring the environment.

Do you have a question about Wicker coffins?
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