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Choosing a Natural Burial Ground: Chesham Bois Natural Burial Ground - A Peaceful Resting Place in The Chilterns

Chesham Bois Natural Burial Ground
Welcome to Chesham Bois Burial Grounds, where we offer a natural and eco-friendly alternative for a final resting place. Nestled in the heart of Buckinghamshire, our burial ground is carefully designed to preserve the environment and provide a peaceful and reflective space.

Chesham Bois Burial Ground is an award winning ground run by Bois Parish Council. It was runner up in the 2022 National Death Centre awards and offers a hybrid facility. We provide a range of affordable burial options including both traditional and natural burials and interment of ashes.

Key Features

Types of burial available: 

  • Woodland Burials 
  • Meadow Burials
  • Traditional Burials
  • Interment of Ashes

Eco-friendly Practices: 

Eco-friendly practices are applied to burials that take place in the woodland and meadow areas. 

  • Eco-friendly coffins must be used in the natural burial areas. Coffins, shrouds or urns for use in the woodland burial ground must be biodegradable. Everything to be buried – including the clothes worn by the deceased must be biodegradable.
  • Planting on graves in the woodland burial area and formal area is permitted in accordance with the Council’s planting regulations which are available on request from the Clerk. This lists non-invasive local plants and trees that can safely be planted without disturbing the natural habitat.


Contact Information: 

Opening Hours: 

  • Office opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9.30-5pm.

Chesham Bois Natural Burial Ground



  • There is a car park on site.

  •  Car access through parts of the burial ground is also possible.

  •  Wheelchairs can easily access the chapel and the formal areas. There are pathways to the natural burial grounds but not through the meadows.

Visitor Amenities: 

  • An eco-toilet block is located at the chapel.
  • There are a number of memorial benches dotted around the grounds.

Ceremonial Options: 

  • There is a small traditional stone built chapel on site where services can be conducted. It is a calm, peaceful place that holds 50 people and is open to services of all denominations.

Accommodation Nearby: 

There are plenty of accommodation choices as the Chilterns are a popular tourist attraction. Links to nearby hotels or Airbnb rentals can be found here

Chesham Bois Natural Burial Ground

Scenic views: 

Chesham Bois Burial grounds are located in the Chilterns, an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is bordered by an ancient woodland - Bois Wood - and it enjoys spectacular views across meadows filled with interesting flora and fauna. 

It’s a very special and unique environment as the area has developed organically on rare chalk grassland.

Services and pricing 

Burial packages: There are no plots available in the woodland or meadow areas. However, there are plots available in the formal grounds.

  • Traditional formal plots are available for full burials and ashes plots. 
  • Formal burial plots can be double depth, to allow for two formal burials, plus 3 caskets of ashes. 
  • Family plots are available which are double width and double depth and could include 6 caskets of ashes. 
  • Plots for children available.
  • Single plots for Ashes are also available.
  • There is a £50 supplement for interment on a Saturday


Full-size adult plot


Small ashes plot Interment fee - Ashes
Residents £525 £368 £315 £225
Residents of ecclesiastical parish £680 £491 £420 £290
Buckinghamshire residents  £1,050 £736 £630 £450
Non-residents £1,575 £1,104 £945 £675


* The cost of burial for Children under 18, including stillborn babies, is free to parents. The associated costs are reclaimed from The Children’s Funeral Fund for England (CFF) by the funeral providers. 


Memorial Services

  • Hire of the chapel £100
  • Ministers fees/celebrant/officials fees are extra and paid directly to the service provider of your choice.

Additional Services: Headstones and Memorial Plaques

  • Memorial benches: Requests for permission to have a memorial bench will be considered. The cost of the bench, its installation and repair are the sole responsibility of the applicant. There is a £100 maintenance fee payable prior to installation.
  • Memorials: Memorials are permitted in the formal traditional burial area only. You must apply to the council for permission to erect a memorial and you must be in possession of the permit before the memorial is displayed.
  • Memorials are charged on a sliding scale. Residents of the parish, the neighbouring parish of  Ecclesiastical Parish and Buckinghamshire pay the lowest fee and non-residents the highest fee. 

Fee for headstone and raised tablet

Residents £210
Additional inscription £55
Residents of Ecclesiastical Parish £280
Additional inscription £73
Buckinghamshire Residents £420
Additional inscription £110
Non-Residents £630
Additional inscription £165


  • Care of the memorial is the sole responsibility of the registered owner of the burial plot. 
Chesham Bois Natural Burial Ground


Is pre-planning available? 

It is possible to purchase a plot in advance, however, it is not possible to reserve the exact plot that you want.

What are the environmental benefits of a burial at Chesham Bois?

The Burial Ground is owned and managed by Chesham Bois Parish Council and not a commercial enterprise. The service is run for the parishioners and all funds are reinvested back into the parish for the long term benefit of parishioners and the countryside.


Is the ground consecrated?

There is a designated area of consecrated land (which has been declared sacred by the Church of England). The majority of land is unconsecrated for those of other denominations and faiths or of none.


How long can we purchase the plot for?

Plots are purchased for a period of 99 years. A deed of grant, called the Exclusive Rights of Burial document, is issued by Chesham Bois Parish Council to the purchaser of the grave. 

This deed entitles the holder to determine who is buried in the grave and apply for a Memorial Permit for plots in the Old and New Formal areas of the Burial Ground.


When can interments take place?

Interments are available Monday to Friday between 9.30 am and 3.30 pm and arrangements can be made for a Saturday booking on request.

Are memorials allowed?

No memorials are permitted in the Woodland Area where graves are unmarked. 

Memorials can be erected in the formal burial areas and are the sole responsibility of the registered owner of the burial plot. 

The owner must be in possession of a valid Memorial Permit granted by the Council before a memorial can be installed.


Legal Requirements and Regulations

Change of ownership

If the ownership of a deed changes, proof of ownership will need to be provided to the Council before any interment can take place.

Restrictions on trees 

The council has a list of approved trees and plants local to the area which may be planted with permission.

Social Links

 Chesham Bois Natural Burial Ground - Arbour


Chesham Bois burial ground is in a beautiful part of the country. It’s a well maintained site run by people who care about the parish. Unfortunately there are no burial or ashes plots available in the woodland or meadows areas. There are ashes and burial plots available in the formal and new formal area.

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