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Choosing a Natural Burial Ground: Beech Wood Green Burial Ground - A Truly Harmonious Resting Place in Lincolnshire

Welcome to Beech Wood Green burial ground, the home of natural and eco-friendly burials in Lincolnshire. A delightful resting place which has been carefully designed to incorporate all weather paths that wind through 4000 young deciduous trees spread over 5 acres of breathtaking countryside where your loved ones can be at one with nature.

Key Features

Types of burial available: 

  • Wildflower glades amidst deciduous woodland

Eco-friendly Practices: 

  • Coffins must be fully biodegradable. Suitable materials are non-rainforest wood, wicker, bamboo or cardboard
  • Ashes may be buried in a biodegradable casket or simply placed in the grave
  • No non-biodegradable articles can be placed in the coffin or grave
  • No graveside plantings or adornments are permitted
  • Simple floral tributes are allowed at the burial. They must be unwrapped and tied with natural fibre.
  • Graves can be marked with a piece of Lakeland Green Slate with the deceased's details.


Contact Information: 

  • Telephone: 01205 723040 / 07845 481621
  • Email: Frances Brooks at
  • Correspondence address: 255 Willington Road, Kirton End, Boston, Lincolnshire PE20 1NW

    Opening Hours:
  • The woods are open 24/7
  • There is no office on site. The area is unattended but you can speak to a member of the BostonWoods trust who will answer any questions you may have.


Accessibility:  [Wheelchair accessibility, Parking Facilities]

  • The site has an all weather path which is suitable for wheelchair.

  • There is free parking onsite.

Visitor Amenities: 

  • There are benches scattered around the site.
  • There are NO toilets or other facilities.

Ceremonial Options: 

Beech Wood Green Burial Ground is all about nature and harmony. There is no chapel onsite. People are free to have a graveside service which they can arrange themselves or through a funeral director.

Accommodation Nearby: 

A variety of accommodation is available within a short drive. Prices start from 45
You will find more details here.

Scenic views: 

Deciduous woodland and pretty wildlife meadows stretch for miles and there’s nothing to break the peace and tranquility but the babbling sound of the River Witham and the song of birds. Hidden amongst the trees if you are lucky you can glimpse a deer or two or maybe a fox. It is a truly peaceful and harmonious resting place. The burial ground has been planted with 4000 young tress and the area is part of the larger Beech wood which spreads across 12 acres.

Services and Pricing: 


Burial plot (single) £700
Burial £300 (including engraved Lakeland Green Slate marker and administration.)
Grave digging £300
Burial of Ashes £300 (Including interment, engraved Lakeland Green Slate marker and administration.)
Cremated Remains plot £300


Memorial Services

The trust does not provide memorial services you are free to arrange your own which can take place at the graveside or a venue of your choice.

    Additional Services

    There are no additional costs for site maintenance as the site is looked after by the Trust. 


    Is pre-planning available? 

    Yes: Plots can be purchased in advance for both burials and ashes interment.

    What are the environmental benefits of a natural burial?

    The Boston Woods Trust is committed to restoring balance and harmony in the natural environment. A natural burial ensures that there is no damage caused to the environment. This helps to promote life and protect wildlife and the earth.

    Can we purchase adjacent plots?

    Yes. Adjacent plots can be purchased. They can also be reserved in advance.

    Who will take care of the land?

    The land is owned and looked after by the Boston Woods Trust

    Can we mark the Graves?

    Traditional headstones are not allowed but all graves are marked with a Lakeland green slate marker bearing the deceased's name. This is included in the cost of the burial package.

    How can we locate the grave?

    Every plot is recorded on a site plan held by the trust. They will assist you in locating the grave if you need help.

    Can we plant a tree on the grave?

    You cannot plant trees on the grave as they are located in wildflower meadows adjacent to the all weather path. They are already surrounded by carefully planted young coppices.

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