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Choosing a Natural Burial Ground: Atlantic Rest Natural Burial Ground. A Peaceful Resting Place in Bude, Cornwall.

Atlantic Rest Nartural Burial


Welcome to Atlantic Rest Burial Ground, where we offer a natural and eco-friendly alternative for a final resting place. Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, our burial ground is carefully designed to preserve the environment and provide a peaceful and reflective space.

Key Features

Type of Burials Available: 

  • In the coppice for ashes
  • Meadow and wildflower field for burials
  • Newly planted coppice for burials

Eco-friendly Practices: 
  • No Embalming Chemicals.
  • Willow, cardboard, wool or felt, cotton shrouds.
  • Traditional coffins, caskets or urns will be accepted providing that they are made using wood from sustainable resources and do not include non – environmentally friendly liners, pillows or handles. 
  • No grave decorations other than a biodegradable wooden plaque.


      Opening Hours: 

      • Office opening hours: Monday - Sunday, 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM.

      • Site is accessible 365 days a year from dawn till dusk.

      Contact Information: 

      • Landline:  01288 381 836 up until 8pm.
      • email: 


          • Wheelchair-accessible car park
          • Wheelchair-accessible entrance

          Visitor Amenities: [Bathrooms, Seating Areas]

          • There is a toilet on site.
          • Benches are located under the gazebo and across the site

          Atlantic Rest Natural Burial - Gazebo

          Ceremonial Options:

          • All ceremonies are conducted outdoors at the graveside. During inclement weather there is a gazebo to use as shelter.

          Accommodation Nearby: 
          Scenic Views:

          Penlow field is at the top of a valley, south facing, and offering, on a clear day, a glimpse of the Atlantic sea. A small coppice has been planted which is home to a host of wildlife and even has bug hotels. There is a gazebo that provides shelter and stunning views across the valley and out to sea.

          Penlow field - view


          Services and Pricing


          Burial Packages: 
          • Single £695
          • Double £1,230
          • Ashes £250
          • Infant - up to 3 years £150*
          • Child - 4 to 16 years £350*
            *includes interment fee

          Memorial Services:
          • Atlantic rest does not provide memorial service options. They will help you with information for celebrants, funeral directors, coffins etc.  

          Additional Services:
          • Interment fee for full burial - payable at time of burial £480
          • Interment fee for ashes burial - payable at time of burial £150
          • Interment fee for  direct ashes burial * £300 
            * Where the cremation service takes place only at Atlantic rest.
          • Native tree (includes £5.00 to woodland trust) £65
          • Memorial plaque £50


          Sheridon Rosser - Manager at Atlantic Rest Natural Burial Ground

          Sheridon Rosser

          'I believe that the increase in popularity is a growing thing because the world around us is changing.  Climate Change is finally a ‘hot topic’ and not something that no one really believes in, or thinks if they ignore it - it might go away.  Our human race is wanting to do what they can for our planet, both in life and in death.'




          Q: Is pre-planning available?

          A: Yes, you can purchase a plot in advance.  If you would like to do this then please contact us to arrange a visit.  A Right of Burial certificate will be issued for 25 years.  Contact must be made at this time to confirm that the plot is still required.  The certificate will then be re-issued, no further costs will be incurred.  Plots can also be bought when needed.

          Q: What are the environmental benefits of a natural burial?

          A: Natural burials are kind to the earth. There are no toxic embalming chemicals, non-biodegradable coffins or headstones.  

          Instead a living memorial can be created by way of a native tree or wildflowers. Everything is natural including site maintenance which involves grazing by sheep and topping the grass to encourage wild flowers.

          As the site evolves coppices will be planted creating a varied environment that will allow wildlife to thrive and it will eventually become a woodland nature reserve and a valuable educational resource, as families return to visit during the different seasons.

          Q: Can I visit the site whenever I like?

          A: There is unrestricted access to the site 365 days a year, from dawn until dusk.

          Q: How will I find the grave if/when I re-visit?

          A: Graves are clearly visible for a short time after interment. Once it has blended with the natural environment, contact us and we will be happy to help. 

          The next of kin will also receive a map following the burial, locating the top left corner of the grave from the four nearest marker pins. 

          Alternatively if you are able to attend the burial at the time you could use the 'what3words' app to track the location of the grave.

          We are in the process of accessing the what3words app to be able to include the coordinates on our map pins.  This is also a method that can be used to let you know where to find a loved one if you can give us 24 hours notice before visiting. 

          Q: Do I need a Funeral Director?

          You do not need a Funeral Director if you do not wish to use one.   If you intend to care for the body of the deceased yourself, we can provide guidance. However, most families welcome the support of an experienced professional.

          Q: Can I pay by instalment?

          A: Yes you can pay for plots by instalment.  There is an administration fee to set this method up for you.  You can choose to pay over 3, 10 or 20 months.  The Right of Burial certificate will be issued upon the final payment.  Please click here for further details on instalment options.  

          Q: Who will look after the site?

          A: Whilst the site is operational it will be cared for by Atlantic Rest Natural Burial staff.

          Q: What happens when the site is full?

          A: Once the site is well established, arrangements will be made with The Wildlife Trust for the site to be transferred to them.  The site will always be available as a public space.

          Q: Can I put a plaque on the tree?

          A: We are offering wooden memorial plaques that sit flush with the ground, please see the memorialisation page for further details.


          Atlantic Rest Natural Burial



          Atlantic Rest is a small family run natural burial site. The emphasis is on simplicity and nature. Their long term goal is to provide a beautiful natural burial site that protects wildlife and works in harmony with the environment. It will ultimately be run by the Wildlife Trust so that it is carefully preserved for the future.


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