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Choosing a Natural Burial Ground: Brocklands Burial Ground - Triple Award Winning Burial Ground set in the green vales of North Yorkshire.

 Brocklands Woodlands Burial

Welcome to Brocklands Woodland Burial, where we offer a natural and eco-friendly alternative for a final resting place. Nestled in the heart of North Yorkshire between the Dales and the Forest of Bowland in the scenic Ribble Valley, our burial ground is carefully designed to preserve the environment and provide a peaceful and reflective space.

Key Features

Types of burial available: 

  • Woodland burials
  • Ash interments

Eco-friendly Practices: 

  • No embalming chemicals.
  • Coffins must be biodegradable. willow, bamboo, cardboard, chipboard and hardwoods (e.g., oak, teak, elm etc), are acceptable. These materials must all be from sustainable sources whether from UK or abroad.
  • 'Cremfilm', or plastic liners are not accepted. All liners must be biodegradable.
  • Trees are planted on each burial plot.
  • Plants and bushes are planted on Ashes plots.
  • Only native regional plants and trees are permitted.
  • Graves are marked with a sunken number plaque, no headstones are permitted.
  • No vases of flowers, statues or other artificial objects can be left on site.


Contact Information: 

Opening Hours: 

There is open access to the burial ground 7 days a week during daylight hours.
Guided visits are available by prior arrangement.
Office opening hours: There are no official opening hours because the office is not permanently manned, call the mobile during daylight hours

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  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Large Car Parking Facilities

Visitor Amenities: 

  • Toilets on-site
  • Shelter on-site

Ceremonial Options: 

  • Services take place in a delightful converted hay barn. The Haybarn is a small simple but welcoming space.
  • Religious and non-religious ceremonies are welcome.
  • There is no additional charge for the use of the Haybarn.
  • Suitable for up to 45 people - 30 seated.
  • Families are welcome to use The Haybarn for serving refreshments after a burial. All hardware will be supplied such as tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery etc. No catering is supplied but families are free to provide their own refreshments or use a local caterer.

Accommodation Nearby: 

Brocklands Burial Grounds are located in a scenic part of the country which is popular with nature lovers, walkers and holidaymakers. As a result, there is a dearth of accommodation available within easy commuting distance of the site. Everything from shepherd huts to luxury hotels at a price to suit all tastes and budgets. Click here for more information

Scenic Views: Green fields, trees and hills as far as the eye can see in this stunningly tranquil area of the country. There’s a sense of awe and peace in these green dales that are crisscrossed with natural wood-chipped paths so as not to interfere with nature.

Brocklands Woodlands Burial

Services and pricing 

Burial Packages (including tree): 

  • Double Plot  £960
  • Single Plot  £480
  • Ashes Plot £240

  • A Double Plot may be used as a large single grave or up to four ashes burials.
  • A Single Plot may be used for one burial or two ashes burials.
  • An Ashes Plot may be used for one or two ashes burials.


Memorial Services: 

Only wooden grave markers engraved with a name and dates are permitted. They Services take place in the Haybarn. The use of the Haybarn is included in the price of the burial.


Additional Services: 

  • Each Burial  £590
  • Weekend surcharge £100
  • Each Ashes Burial £175
  • Weekend Ashes surcharge £50
  • The above charges include maintenance of the plot and the provision and planting of a tree or wildflowers.
  • Memorials are trees planted in small copses


Is pre-planning available? 

Yes in certain situations: Generally, plots are available for immediate use only. Burials take the next available space. However, it is possible to purchase a plot in advance if someone has a terminal illness. In addition, if you purchase a double plot, the second plot can be reserved for a future date.

What are the environmental benefits of a natural burial?

Natural green burials promote the natural life/death cycle of nature by encouraging new habitats to develop over the graves. Trees and flowers are planted, and as the woodland matures, wildlife increases and a beautiful green space is provided for people to visit, relax pay their respects, to loved ones and to nature.

Can we choose which trees are planted?

The choice of tree depends on the size of the grave. Double plots can take the larger trees such as oak and ash. Single graves are suitable for smaller trees such as wild cherry, willow and rowan.

Can we help dig the grave?

No: Each grave (including Ashes plots) is marked with a unique number, which is buried just below ground level, and recorded on a detailed plan. All Ashes Plots start with 'A' followed by a unique number for that plot, e.g. 'A21'.Single Plots start with 'S' e.g. 'S21', and Doubles start with 'D' e.g. 'D21'.

After the burial has taken place, all the details are legally required to be recorded in the Burial Register and the next of kin is given a Certificate of Burial with the date, the plot number, and the burial register number on it, for future reference. Each grave is marked with a tree or natural plants.
There are special birdfeeding posts on the site, and families may bring their own feeder, or fill others with nuts and seeds when they visit. This may be done instead of leaving graveside flowers, as a gesture of remembrance, and is particularly good for children and grandchildren.

Can I bring my dog to the site?

Yes, well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome at the funeral. However, they must be left in your vehicle or tied to a “dog post” at other times.

Are there any additional site maintenance fees?

No, the cost of maintenance is included in the burial price.

What are Deed of Grant Certificates?

A Deed of Grant Certificate is a legal document that confirms the right to be buried at Brocklands. Every plot is issued with a certificate. In the case of a Double Plot two certificates will be issued; the second certificate being retained by the family until such time as the second burial takes place. Deed of Grant Certificates must be produced at the time of burial. Without the certificate, the burial may not take place.

What will happen to the site in the future?

In 2002 Brocklands was set up as a Trust for a minimum of 80 years, to ensure that the land remains as a burial site in the future for many years to come.

Brocklands Woodlands Burial


Brocklands is an award-winning natural burial ground in the heart of the scenic Ribble Valley. They won The People's Awards for the Best Natural Burial Ground in the UK in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022. Brocklands is one of the country's pioneering First Generation Green burial sites and attracts those who love walking, and wildlife and those who have lived and had holidays in the area. It’s a very affordable site with a simple green ethos.

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