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Coffin Bases/Charger boards

Are your coffins supplied with strengthened bases or charger boards?

Our wicker coffins have either a plywood or solid wood charger board attached (usually 20mm thick).

Our cardboard coffins have a high-density cardboard base, 
tested on rollers, overnight, bearing a large weight (20+ stone). And are proven not to warp or incur any indentation. 


Coffin Liners

Are your coffins supplied with a liner?


Wicker Coffins
All of our wicker coffins come with two natural cotton liners, both of which are 100% bio-degradable. 

A fitted cotton liner is installed into the coffin and held tight in place by drawstrings, the purpose of the liner is to prevent the deceased person being in view through the natural weave and to hide the interior of the natural weave when the person is viewed in the coffin prior to a burial/cremation. 

The second liner is a larger, heavier cotton shroud
, provided to be wrapped around the persons body to prevent any leakages. The liner is guaranteed against bodily fluids but cannot be guaranteed leak-proof against embalming fluid. 

Cardboard Coffins
Our cardboard coffins come with a calico liner installed for aesthetic reasons, and have a PET leak-proof liner tray built as part of their construction.